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Miami Now features interviews with the people at work on making Miami awesome, exciting, innovative and worth celebrating. From the arts to sports, to community energy and local excitement - Miami Now goes in-depth , to talk to the South Floridians fostering the positive, provocative, impactful ideas that boost our area - it's about the Miami you need to know about, and is hosted/created by Bill Teck, founder of generation ñ and lifelong Miamian and 305 alumni.
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Nov 13, 2016

On this episode of Miami Now: a generation ñ podcast, we talk with Javier Soto of The Miami Foundation about Give Miami Day, a philanthropic event that last year raised $7 million dollars for 600 charities in Dade County. We spoke about growing up in Miami, a life in the public sector, the role of charity in creating a more livable and pleasant Miami. We debated the finer points of the underline (and he won me over) talked about creative solutions to ease our traffic woes, the need for more parks and green spaces - and touched on everything from soccer and football to what makes a city work for it's citizens. Hosted by Bill Teck.


More information on Give Miami Day is HERE.

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Nov 13, 2016

On this episode of Miami Now: a generation ñ podcast we sit down with Lissette Mendez of Miami Book Fair International to get the 411 on how they create , pull off, populate and dream up the largest and most successful event of it's kind in the nation.

Lissette was nice enough to speak to us in the midst of the craziness of getting ready for kick off late last week during full prep of this fantastic event.


You can get more info about Book Fair HERE and what's up at Books & Books AQUI

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